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What is SayShaadi?

India's First & Biggest Wedding Professional Online Network

SayShaadi aims at creating an elegant one-stop premium online solution for Indian weddings. A wedding planning website that helps the to-be-wed couples and their parents to easily and efficiently manage everything leading up to their big day. SayShaadi connects millions of to-be-weds, parents and wedding professionals across the country and around the world.

The bride and groom are either swarmed with ideas about caterers, photography, venues and flowers or on the other hand are just clueless on what to do. This is where we come in. Our visual inspiration showcase helps you discover wedding ideas & trends, choose the right vendors to hire, the must-have things to buy and also help you save money by offering exclusive best offers and events.

SayShaadi, with a stunning and superior browsing experience combined with intuitive yet powerful tools, helps users to:

Discover & Hire

Clients discover and connect with the biggest community of passionate local wedding professionals who suit their needs. From venues to photographers to DJs to food and everything in between to cater their dream wedding

Get Inspired

Users discover inspiration for everything they need from weddings ideas, fads, latest trends and photos from real weddings. Users save all this into their personal look book!

Save Time & Money

Users take advantage of the best deals, events and promotions. We offer the most comprehensive wedding guide across the entire country including a host of online tools and checklists.

Ideas, Reviews & Info

We know how exhaustive wedding planning can be! Get wedding advice, service information and professional reviews at your fingertips.

SayShaadi truly is the country's first one-stop destination for all things Shaadi! We have everything you need in one place to help you plan this joyous occasion and we are darn excited to help you! It's time to Say Shaadi! Sign up as a wedding professional »

How it works

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What you get

and a beautiful web front

Why get listed?

Reasons why you will love SayShaadi

Would you like to expand your market base and be discovered by new customers?
Would you like to have people access your work and services more readily?
Would you like your customers to be able to communicate with you easily at their convenience?
Would you like greater exposure in the market place?
Would you like to stay in regular touch with your customers?
Would you like to build an online reputation for yourself?
Would you like to multiply your clients and income?

If your answer to these questions is a YES, then you got to Sign up!

More Clients, more Business , more income

More Leads, more Clients, more Referrals - Watch your Business Grow

Why get listed on SayShaadi?

More Leads, More Clients

SayShaadi makes it super easy for clients to find, connect and hire the best local vendors. You can now turn these searchers into REAL customers

Connect with your customers

It's the best way to reach your target audience across the world. Also a great platform to connect with clients and network with peers

Expand Seamlessly and Profitably

It's all about your Business. We deliver targeted profitable customers, Guaranteed! Increase your exposure, build your brand and take your business to the next level

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Grow your business with smart, stylish online presence

Let a beautiful website introduce you to customers

Why get listed on SayShaadi?
   People search for you online. Make a great first impression
   Impress your customers with your professionalism
   Connect and communicate easily with clients and get feedback
   Showcase your previous work, your talent and expertise
   Upload photos, videos, write about yourself and answer FAQs
   Let customers get a 360 degree view of what you have to offer

Beautiful, Modern and Professional

To make a great first impression, Sign up as a wedding professional and get your online store

Be a part of  India's biggest wedding professional network

Reach out to your peers of the industry & build a strong referral network

Why get listed on SayShaadi?
From venues to photographers to DJs to food and everyone in between
The best team of online marketing experts, designers, developers, local consultants,writers and search engine optimization specialists who ensure you get the best online presence and you rank well for online searches

Join India's Biggest community of wedding Professionals and Clients

To-be-weds flock to SayShaadi for inspiration & to hire professionals
You take care of your business, we'll take care of your
- marketing
- online reputation management
- advertising

Don't miss the internet wave. Get Online and Sign up to join the community

Save Time and Money with technology

Exceptional tools & features save your valuable time and money

Why get listed on SayShaadi?
   Showcase your previous work, your talent and expertise. You can upload photos, videos, write about yourself and answer FAQs to impress clients
   Work Smarter with an inbuilt client management system to track leads
   Get reviewed and strengthen your relationship with your clients
   Get qualified profitable customers. Only genuine clients get in touch
   Get SMS notifications when clients message you or check your availability
   Win clients by showcasing your work in our visual inspiration gallery
   Get insights about your brand popularity, purchase intend and more
   Smart Social Media tools to integrate with your Facebook & Twitter Pages
   Cost effective marketing and advertising solutions which are proven to work

Get SMS and Email Notifications

Track Leads. Don't miss an opportunity

Stop working the old-fashioned way. Adapt to technology. Sign up

The Experience: beautiful, modern, professional, intuitive and easy to use

It's simple, quick and easy to setup and update your profile

Why get listed on SayShaadi?
A stunning and superior browsing experience combined with intuitive yet powerful tools for vendors to promote your business
Easy self-service portal makes it simple to manage your reputation and online presence

Showcase your work, photos & videos

Each page has been hand crafted by our top designers who bring beauty combined with business knowledge. Be proud of your Web Store
Information Rich - Add your logo, upload images, videos, answer FAQs, get reviewed and more

To get a stylish, smart online presence. Sign up now!

How is this different
from a directory listing website?

The Internet is Evolving. Content Rich, Informative sites help you make the right choice

Information Rich

We're a huge fan of directory sites. But what we aim to do here is different from what other directory sites have to offer. We do not intend to compete with them. SayShaadi is NOT a generic directory website. We offer information which is rich, with photos, videos, real reviews from clients which helps clients to discover and choose the right wedding professional for their big day. And Yes, we feature the best talent and work out there

Profitable Targeted Audience

We have a dedicated focus only on the wedding industry. We are a team of experts who understand the wedding industry business and requirements of vendors like you. Our team exactly knows your business and we help you deliver the best. The Quality Crowd - Our users 'care' for quality work and a dream wedding and are willing to spend money for the right talent

Avoid Unwanted Calls

Save time - No more 'just for information' calls. We believe that giving clients complete information online is like having a conversation your would have when you answer calls. Since clients know everything you have to offer, only the genuine ones would get in touch. Moreover, our account managers monitor your performance and help you succeed online

We work hard to take your business to the next level.Sign up with us

Why MarketOnline?

The Indian Wedding Scene | The Indian Internet Scene

The Indian wedding industry is HUGE! It's one of the few industries where people spend a lot of money without thinking of returns and without complaining. Each year the weddings are getting more grandeur. Lavish weddings have become more of a necessity. Every wedding professional, be it a DJ, caterer, decorator or wedding venue, should be there to tap the business opportunities as potential clients resort to the internet for sources.

Print Vs Online

The saying 'Go where your Customers are' has proven to work for many industries. Your customers, potential clients are all online! You need to ensure you have a strong presence out there and be found online
Your best competitors are online. You need to be too!
Measure your Investment: Online advertising allows you to easily calculate return on investment unlike traditional offline media. Online media gives you access to analytics and statistics on activities like searches, visits, views, leads and conversions
Be Prepared for the future. Online media is taking over declining print media. 73% of consumers use search engines before purchasing products or services

Now What's a good online presence

Impress your customers with professionalism
Stand out from the crowd
Be Searchable and Relevant
Local Search is the future
Connect with your clients using social media tools
Showcase your work and what you have to offer
Innovate using videos, online marketing and PR

We will put you on the web. Sign up as wedding vendor

More Questions?

We answer the FAQs

SayShaadi.com was launched in June 2013 and we are now expanding in to multiple cities. We are offering free PREIMIUM listings to everyone who signs up before Dec 31st 2013.Sign up now!
We are giving you a FREE upgrade to PREMIUM listings for an entire month if you sign up by Dec 31st 2013.
There's no other site like SayShaadi and we are different. SayShaadi has a complex yet an intelligent algorithm which automatically suggests the best vendors to users based on the vendor's quality of work. Please read this to learn more about how we are different from a directory website and this to learn about what exactly is SayShaadi. We're here to promote quality, and if you think you are good, we'll make sure you stand out of the crowd.
Our pricing page will be up soon. For now, Enjoy all the features for FREE!
There's absolutely no catch. Our aim is to build a strong community of skilled wedding professionals like you. We offer free listings to help you gain exposure. If you wish to upgrade you may do so at anytime to avail some awesome features.
Yes. Not just Google... our search engine optimization specialists will make sure you get the best ranking on all search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more! We also partner with a number of other websites and mobile applications to help you get even more exposure than what a typical marketing agency would promise.
You can see our sample profile page once you create an account and add your profile information.
No technical knowledge required. The site is very simple to use. Do reach us at hi@sayshaadi.com incase you have any trouble.
For now you can control every bit on information on your webfront. We will soon offer multiple look and feel templates to choose from. We will keep adding more regularly.
Yes. Please get in touch with us at hi@sayshaadi.com
Your profile should appear instanly once you fill up your information. Most of the profiles pass our automatic screening process. In case of a manual approval, it may take upto 24 working hours.
Yes, we do understand you are busy and doing great business. But have you thought about the the quality or quantity of clients you are missing out and the potential to expand? You could be missing out on higher profitable clients as well. Moreover, discoverability of wedding vendors has been a problem all these years. Most of your business comes via referrals. With India's first wedding vendor discovery platform, you've got competition! There are 2 crore clients in India who get married every year, and if you do not have the right web presence, you're losing the race. Moreover, your existing clients will expect to see you here on SayShaadi! The power of internet is here - Do not be a spectator - Get online on to India's biggest wedding professional network.
SayShaadi boasts of an amazing mix of to-be-weds, parents and other people who care about the quality of wedding. The segment comprises of higher income level to affluent users, NRIs, busy clients working for MNCs who do not have the time to meet up with wedding vendors in-person and those who prefer totake up most of the communication either on the phone or online.

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Infographic: The Statistics

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