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Video Style: Documentary, Storytelling, Cinematic, Short Form
Price: ₹₹₹₹
Payment Mode: Cheque, Cash

About Black Kaapi Productions

Black Kaapi Productions
Wedding Service Offered: Videographers
We are based out of Globally. If you are looking for a Videographers please do get intouch with us by sending us a message or my giving us a call. Please mention that you found us on SayShaadi.com


What is your date of establishment?

We are part of 'San Photography' and when a dedicated team was put to place; this formed 'Black Kaapi Productions' dedicated for making short wedding films. Est Date: August 2012

How far in advance should clients book your services?

The earlier the better. At least a 1 month notice.

What is the advance payment before the event?

50% of total cost

Why choose me?

Well, why not. On a serious note we have seen enough weddings to realize what we are doing and how important a role we play in a wedding. We don't tag ourselves with a specific style but we ensure that the end result makes you and the previous generation happy.

Describe any special editing services you offer

We shoot with the best DSLRs available and use available lights to get the best results of the ambiance. We do not tamper with the original video by adding any special effects, however, we choose to color the video based on the mood we wish to express.

Do you guarantee your presence at the actual event?

Yes, I am the camera specialist in the team and even if we are shooting with a team I will be present to direct them. If I weren't, it spoils the whole purpose of getting into this profession.

Do you book yourself for more than one event in a day?

No; video is lot more tasking than Photography. I do not wish to juggle with it. I book the team with the client and we cater only to then until the project is completed.

Do you have a replacement videographer in case you become unavailable on the event day?

Yes, there is always a back up in place if for some reason I am unavailable. More over, this is a team effort, so we always have back ups.

Do you bring backup equipment to the event in case of malfunction?

Yes, this is an absolute must.

How long does it take for the client to get the final video?

Yes, this depends on different products that we offer. In general, a short video will take anywhere between 2 weeks to a month for completion.

Do you charge for travel

Yes, we do.

Are you a commercial studio or a home-based business?

We are in the midst of transitioning from a home based business to a commercial unit.

What formats can the final video be in?

If you are referring how the end product will be produced then, we give them out on Blue Ray, Portable drives and DVDs. This is completely up to the client preference.

How many videographers do you work with?

On a given situation, we need 3 videographers shooting the event because we need multiple angles to convey the story. However, this boils down to client preference and budgeting.

What kind of equipment do you typically bring with you on the day-of?

We shoot with 5D and 7D bodies and we carry different lenses based on the requirement. We also carry LED lighting if required to light up the scene. Not to forget the jib, dollies, rigs, tripods and glide cams.

Do you reserve the right to use the video in the future for deals, contents, etc.?

Yes, we retain the copyrights of our products. However, we will still take the consent of the clients before the same is used for marketing.

Is the client involved in the editing process? If so, how much input does the client have in editing?

Well, this situation arises only if the client is very specific of the end result. We will take all the inputs before shooting so we can produce them as they wanted it. However, with the editing; since it is our forte, we stick to taking the calls on that.

What style of videography do you specialize in?

Cinematic, Documentary, Short Form, Storytelling

What price range would your services fall under?


What kind of wedding events do you specialize in?

Weddings, Receptions, Sangeet, Bridal Shower, Bachelor Parties, Anniversarries, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Engagement

Which religion weddings do you specialize in?


What does your videography package include?

Ceremony, Edited Video, High Definition Video, DVD

What are your other specialities

Multiple Cameras

What kind of payment modes do you accept?

Cash, Cheque

Apart from weddings, what else do you shoot?

Short Videos

What does your videography package include?

Ceremony, Edited Video, High Definition Video, DVD

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Black Kaapi Productions
Bangalore, India

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