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Best of Wedding Decorations of 2014

We don't buy a sofa for ourselves; we buy it for the guests expected at home. At a wedding too, the red carpets are laid, the floral fragrances are spread, the chandeliers are switched on, the satin cloths are waved to form stylish roof tents, the wine glasses are paramounted to welcome the baraatis lavishly with pomp. Although a wedding cannot happen without a purohit chanting mantras, it is essential to create an ambience that makes everyone at the wedding desire to get married. A few argue, as to why the bride's family doesn't give away this money to the needy instead of wasting it on the decoration that won't last. Every coin has two sides; the need of stunning yet elegant decor at wedding parties gives employment to many skillful families. Take a look at some beautiful decors that will surely make you desirous of a wedding, pick your colors, pick your themes and re-invent a new design altogether, because a special you needs a special effect.

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