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Best of Bride and Groom Photography of 2014

We all grow up with different desires and ambitions, but one fantasy that all of us have is of a wedding larger than life. We cross all levels/challenges to reach the big day in our life, starting with the Eureka moment of choosing between love marriage and arranged marriage, meeting our life partner, finding time to secretly catch-up for a date, followed by finalizing the wedding date, selecting the venue, matching the colors of our dress, inviting the guests and what not. And when the big day is here we await the moments of standing beside each other, taking vows together. But you are so busy greeting the guests, that you wished you get some time to exchange a Hi and take a look on how the other is looking. And then you get an invite from the Photographer, who wishes to capture only the two of you in his frame. He grabs a chance to get the sight of how it looks like to see love; while the Bride and the Groom grab this opportunity to stare into each other's eyes, to hold hands, to get closer and record these memories, before they get a call from elders for the rest of the ceremonies. This photo session is as thrilling as going on a secret date, when no one knows, where no one is seeing.

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Thanks SayShaadi for helping me plan my wedding. Found amazing vendors with little effort. Stands out from the rest of the websites out there.
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