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Best of Bridal Trousseau of 2014

Girls are decked up top to toe and when they become brides they get more particular as they become the focal point of attraction. Everyone starts admiring her features, complimenting her looks, zooming her profile pictures and follows every single detail. This leaves no chance for her to overlook even the colors she wears, fabrics she drapes, brands she uses. Be it colors of bridal wear or of the nail paint, girls can't compromise. The fabric of her bridal wear is expected to do wonders to her entire wedding ensemble. Her hairdo should match her face shape, and the contrast Duppatta drapes can't sway without her wish. She loves to wear bangles that are a mix of modern and traditional. You cant miss on writing her groom's name on her hand within the beautiful Mehndi. She loves high heels, but won't dare to look taller than the Dulha. Her Mang Tikka, her Waistband, her finger rings, her toe rings, pearl links on the hair from the ears, broch and lot more into a bridal vanity have no chance to be less than bridal look.

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