Life is like cricket, play it hard. Love is like music, play it loud. And that’s exactly how Lavina & Aakash did it!

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Pyaar Dosti Hai!

This is a very famous dialogue from the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, where Shahrukh Khan defines love as friendship. He says if she can’t become his friend then he can never fall in love with her. Likewise, Lavina & Aakash became friends in a dance class four years back and have known each other ever since. Lavina Khanwani & Aakash Jashnani took 4 years to tune into each other’s rhythm. Lavina, a Sr Consultant in IBM and Aakash, a Businessman now, were buddies who always played pranks on each other. Lavina left to the US for 3 years, but Aakash and she continued to remain friends. It was their parents who approached them to take their friendship a step forward, while they never looked into each other’s eyes prior to this.

namitnNamit Narlawar is a Mumbai based photographer who gave up a career as a Lead Technical Engineer in an IT firm to pursue his passion as a profession. Namit aspires to be a successful photographer who can capture pictures which are self explanatory. He is a a keen observer, and his goal is to capture moments that manage to narrate an entire story or give an insight into the soul of the person captured. Namit says, “In our life, time passes by so quickly that we forget to enjoy the little things. If I can make people relive those beautiful little things and see the beauty of life, I have fulfilled my purpose”.

Aakash was marriage ready and even surer as it was his friend Lavina, but the only thing that was on Lavina’s mind was, ‘Is he serious. I don’t mind, but is he realizing that this is a BIG STEP and not any kind of masti’. So they met and the only thing Lavina asked was whether he knew what he was doing? To which Aakash replied, “If I have never known, then nothing would have reached this stage”. And by God’s grace the couple is sparkling smiles since then. Their pre-wedding shoot is an expression of their fun-loving attitude and journey so far.

Cricket Match

Life is cricket; when Lavina said a Yes, it was a six for Aakash and he was clean bowled when he got married. Hurdles comes in life – like the ball pacing towards you, you have to hit it hard, to send it out of the boundary, out of your life. They played a 9 over cricket match where in the two teams were Lavina Ke Lafangey and Aakash Ke Pathe. They had jerseys worn; cheer leaders, a DJ playing amusing music on 4s and 6s, and a commentator narrating the picturesque playground.

Character Party

We all play different characters in life, as a kid, as a friend, as a spouse, as a parent and every character we play is vital, is unique. Lavina and Aakash were on the verge of getting into new characters, from friends to life partners.
They hosted a Character Party where each one had to play some character. To mention a few spellbound ones were of his cousin’s who became Munnabhai’s Circuit, his brother became crime master Gogo from Andaaz Apna Apna, a beautiful chic played Lady Gaga, etc.

Their wedding was traditionally unique. It was a typical Sindhi wedding with a twist of 2 fun events.

The fun was now evolving into the rituals, starting with the oil ceremony that is conducted both at bride’s and groom’s place. Here the groom is often drowned in oil by his friends and family as a fun gesture, to imply that he is now joining the husbands community.

Engagement & Sangeet

Lavina and Aakash got engaged and also celebrated their Sangeet ceremony at Royal Gardens and hosted their wedding at River O Deck. Unlike the latest trend of destination wedding, they chose to host their ceremonies in the city, in near vicinity of everyone, as they wanted their entire family, friends and social network to bless them on their special day.


Wedding is a synergy of many artists, Lavina’s expressive eyes were embellished by Eye Makeup Studio by Pooja, and her outfits were designed by Archana Kochher (who works on the principle ‘Never let a bride leave the boutique unsatisfied’) and Jade by Monica and Karishma. While Lavina sizzled with the shades on wine on her wedding Ghagra, Aakash looked stunning in designs of Archana Kochher and Troy Costa.

While it’s obvious that the wedding couple look their best on their wedding, the ambience and food makes all the difference. Uttam Caterers from Pune made the guests lick fingers while Pooja Decorators from Ulhasnagar gave all a visual delight, an ambience to set themselves free and relish the wedding moments. The Mandap was aesthetically crafted giving a grandeur look, while the multi color lightening added to the beauty. Lavina and Aakash wedding was splendidly fun; it brought the families, the friends, the cousins closer.


Lavina looked contemporarily traditional in a peach gown at her reception. Her high heels complemented well with Aakash’s height, who looked like a prince charming every girl desired for.

All well so far and wedding moments of Lavina & Aakash are made picture perfect. Hence, there can be no compromise on capturing these moments rightly. The delighted couple says, “We feel we took the right decision by choosing Namit to cover our wedding”.

Namit is an amazing photographer. He does something innovative in all his shoots. He has given us some really good memories through his clicks.

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Lavina and Aakash wedding was splendidly fun; it brought the families, the friends, the cousins closer. If you have your wedding on cards then understand and customize your needs, spend time with your vendors, take opinions from family members and hit a sixer by assigning the right task to the right person.

Last but not the least; Lavina wants to thank her brother Paras Khanwani and his wife Jenisha Khanwani who worked closely with her and Aakash in making her wedding a fairy tale.

The SayShaadi team wishes Lavina & Aakash a very happy married life!

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