The Ultimate Guide to finding the Perfect Suit for Men

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Men Suit for Wedding

Men are often given adjectives like strong, tuff, insensitive; while the women are associated to elegance, beauty, delicate. Then how did the word “Gentle-men” originate? When the ISHQ wala LOVE happens, pink becomes favourite not just to the girl, but the guy as well. When he blushes, his cheeks turn rosy too. When he closes his eyes to pray the eternal, he looks as curious as a child. He gets hurt and often cries when no one is seeing. Let’s explore some secrets of the warmth behind the tough gentlemen;


#1 Shoulder it right

Perfect Wedding Suit for Men

Pick a suit that has shoulder pads exactly the size of your shoulders. A little small or a little big would create a noticeable difference in your entire look. The shoulder of the suit should start and end with your shoulder exactly, meeting the sleeves where the arms meet. So when she leans on it, she knows she is on the right shoulder. A man shoulders the responsibility of her smile. A smile is fragile, only a gentleman knows the tricks.

#2 Slim Lapels are in

Perfect Wedding Suit for Men

The lapels width should be slim. The fit should allow her to slip her hand to your heart and feel your love, listen to your heart beat calling out her name loud. It’s the era of size zero. Match her style with slim and contemporary lapels.

#3 Button the secrets

Perfect Wedding Suit for Men

Choose to have only 2 buttons than 3. When you are checking the fit of your jacket close the top button only and check the folds in the lapel. If the lapels get folded outwards the jacket is too small, if the fall loose then the jacket is too big. The lapels should show up neatly, so when you are kneeling down to propose her, the butterflies in your belly have enough way to fly away leaving your message to her.

#4 The curvy Torso

Perfect Wedding Suit for Men

Who said only women have curves? Get the Torso of your suit to fit your shape, thus making your shoulders look manly and broadened. Give complex to all the fat-belly married men and leave the young ladies desirous of a hug.

#5 Sleeves Up

Perfect Wedding Suit for Men

Sleeve it right. The jacket sleeves should not be too short showing the entire cuff of the shirt, nor should it be too long covering the shirt sleeves. The jacket sleeves should run till your wrist allowing your shirt to peep out a bit, not more than an inch making your arms look longer. Sleeves of your jacket should display how eager you are to hold her hand to begin a journey. Let your sleeve follow the flow of your emotions.

#6 Cuff links

Perfect Wedding Suit for Men

A smart pair of cufflinks playing hide-n-seek between the shirt and your jacket, twinkles to get all her attention on you.

#7 Pocket full of surprise

Perfect Wedding Suit for Men

A square pocket with a classic handkerchief is what you need. This gives a royal look. Amitabh Bachchan carries amazing handkerchief style in KBC show. When she is leaving her maiden home for you, show her you are there; show her parents you are always ready steady to protect her.Flap pockets with stylish buttons give finishing look to the jacket. Fill your flap pockets on both the sides, with a ring for her in one and proposal in other; and it’s done.

#8 Double the vents

For a cozy, comfortable move; get double vents to your jacket. Looks classy, stand outs the entire gathering. Walk up to stage, with her in vogue.

#9 White collar attitude

The collar of the jacket should be intact with that of the shirt. If it’s loose then it falls back, if it’s tight then the jacket shoulders get shrugged. To let not anyone shrug off at you ensure intact collars.

#10 Jacket of Dad’s height

You would not want anyone to ask you if you were wearing your Dad’s jacket who is shorter than you, or your brother’s who is taller. Get the jacket length in-line with your sleeves. Stand straight with your hands on both sides and check that the jacket reaches half your wrist to set you right.


#11 Trouser trimming

Perfect Wedding Suit for Men

Baggy pants are no more in fashion, so trim the trouser length just at the point where it covers your legs and touches the ankle. Your ankle shouldn’t be revealed though. When you stand erect the trouser should as well, with no ripples.

#12 Take your seat

Imagine, how embarrassing it would be that you are pulling your trousers up and down as and when you take a seat or stand up to greet someone. And all this would leave wrinkles too. Get the right fit of your trousers both at the seat and thighs to move comfortably.


#13 Shirting

Perfect Wedding Suit for Men

A shirt shows up in bits and pieces, here and there, but forms the base of entire fitting. It should not fall loose to make the entire dress look clumsy, nor should it be tight to reveal your skin inside amidst the buttons.

#14 Shirt Colours & Fabric

A jacket is often grey, black etc, the entire trendy look of the Suit comes from the fabric design and colour of the shirt. Choose bright Matt colors, plain fabrics for classy look. The fabric should be glossy as the jacket material is mostly tuff.

Everyone is busy selecting the Bride’s wedding ensemble, her Reception outfit, her Jewelry, her Sandals, her Nail paint shades, her Lip Gloss color and every detail in her looks. Why should brides have the entire spotlight? The Groom needs the same attention to detail, as the story doesn’t complete without him. Last but not the least


#15 Tie-ing the Knots

Perfect Wedding Suit for Men

Ladies can go nuts over your Tie Knot. Make sure your tie knot gets a dimple. Have your tie width similar to that of your lapel. Choose a classic fabric design, and color darker than your rest of the fabric colors. Tie shouldn’t be too short or too long, it should just end at your belt line.


Perfect Wedding Suit for Men

And the perfectionists are all set to Suit Up. Give a heads up to match your socks’ colors with your pants; your shoes that give a formal, rich look; and yes get the watch, perfume and hair right.

Just be you – The Gentleman.

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