9 of the Cutest Pre-Wedding Couple Photographs

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Wedding Photography is evolving and gone are the days where wedding photography was limited to the main events. Pre-wedding shoots are in trend and constitute an important part of wedding photography today, especially for the couple. The couple absolutely love this part of the wedding shoots- It’s fun, creative and full of laughter, it’s an ice breaker both for the couples and as well as the photographer to get to know the couple better before the big day. It’s a great way to document an important milestone of your life with some portraits and cherish the memories for a lifetime. Recent pre-pre-wedding photography trends has seen some great innovative ideas and we pick out some of the cutest ones we found.

A sweet and intimate close up shot of the couple that will drive you aww!

A romantic long shot of the couple who are drowned in eachother’s eyes!

A fun yet charming shot of a couple that simple but still says so much!

Regan Raj

Photo Credit: Regan Raj

A fun shot of the to-be-weds on a ride down the memory lane!

A bright and lively shot of the couple inviting guests to their wedding.. can also be used on the wedding invitation website!

Chetan Mehra Positives

Photo Credit: Chetan Mehra Positives


Sweep-her-off-her-feet style of pre-wedding couple shot on a scenic location!


A blissful, contented couple shot with a scenic setting!


An out-of-the-box creative couple shot!


Photo Credit: Photosutra


Happy-in-eachother’s-arms shot with a unique shooting angle!

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