Love finds you, no matter how far you go. This time in Toronto!

Shilpa and Aditya grew up in South India; listening to early morning Suprabhatam, awakening with the fragrance of Mogra flowers tied to their mother’s hair bun, relishing idli sambar with coconut chutney & filter coffee, and so much used to their respective lingos; they ended up meeting miles away in Toronto. Here’s a beautiful story that makes you believe in love a little more.

Life is like cricket, play it hard. Love is like music, play it loud. And that’s exactly how Lavina & Aakash did it!

Pyaar Dosti Hai. This is a very famous dialogue from the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, where Shahrukh Khan defines love as friendship. He says if she can’t become his friend then he can never fall in love with her. Likewise, Lavina & Aakash became friends in a dance class four years back and have known each other ever since. Lavina Khanwani & Aakash Jashnani took 4 years to tune into each other’s rhythm.

Love happens in a moment, remains for a Lifetime. A love tale of Shruti and Sandesh

Does love happen to friends, or the person you love becomes your friend? Sometimes it takes years to find your perfect match and sometimes it just happens at a blink of an eye, this is what our story is all about, a story of one of the beautiful couples, Shruti and Sandesh.

Arranged Love! A Traditional Wedding tale of Kaveri & Amit, through the lens of WhatKnot Photography

Someone up there makes a conspiracy for two souls to meet, makes everything mesmerizing for them to fall in love, to get tied in the knot of destiny thereafter. Here’s a story of an adorable couple, Kaveri & Amit. A Maharastrian-Konkani wedding beautifully captured by WhatKnot Photography.

Arpita Khan & Aayush Sharma: A Full Round-up of THE Big Fat Bollywood Wedding Of The Year!

Like the rest of India, we just couldn’t take our eyes off pretty socialite Arpita Khan’s Week-Long Wedding Extravaganza with businessman Aayush Sharma! If the invitations were beautiful, the mehendi was spectacular… and if the mehendi dazzled, the wedding was stupendous. At each occasion, Salman Khan’s family went all out to pamper their little princess, and [...]

20 of the Best and Most Popular Candid Wedding Photographers from Delhi for your Wedding!

Delhi weddings are what all and what not – The high Heel thumkas, the innovative Jaimala Concepts, the Spa Parties, the Vintage cars, the Pugree tied gentlemen, the Dholak Geet, the spectacular Venue, the energetic Baraat, the ravishing Indian bride, the stunning groom.. and the list goes on. If you haven’t seen a Delhi wedding yet, you have not known why they say that a father saves his entire life for his daughter’s wedding. To capture the endless wedding parties, events, religious beliefs & more melodrama of a Delhi wedding one has to have an eye for detail, a mind ready to get boggled and a heart to capture these moments of life. After going through the seriously stupendous talent out there, we present to you 20 of the Top and Most Popular Wedding Photographers in Delhi.

Colour Me Pink: 15 Spectacular Indian Brides in Shades of Pink

Colour psychology says pink is the colour of unconditional love. What better hue to wear on the happiest day of your life? Check out these real brides, who looked Pretty in Pink on their wedding day. Perfectly captured by some of our favourite wedding photographers, these bridal looks may influence what you want to wear at [...]

Dia Mirza Dazzles at her Wedding: Four Bridal Looks to Copy

Just before her mehendi ceremony, former beauty queen and actress Dia Mirza tweeted charmingly: I realized today that despite all the preparedness nothing can prepare you from how overwhelming it can feel as a bride-to-be #breathe You’d never know it to look at her! She is the most composed bride we’ve seen in recent times. [...]

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